Stone Selection – The first step in the process of completing your project is selecting a stone material. Graniterra has hundreds of on-hand stones in our inventory. We recommend that our clients visit our INDOOR WAREHOUSE and personally hand-select his or her own slabs.

Templating / Field Measure – Templating will only be scheduled once all cabinetry receiving natural stone is properly installed. We then visit your home or jobsite to conduct an expert field measure of the project. We recommend your presence on site at time of Templating to approve and sign the final copies of template pieces. Precise measurements are taken of your prepared surface and are used to cut and fabricate your stone to an exact fit. Additionally, a copy of Template Field Report will be provided at the time of Templating.

Fabrication – A sketch of the project with the exact measurements is then given to our saw lead, who will cut the stone slabs to size on the diamond bladed table saw. The rough-cut pieces are now ready for fabrication. Every job is unique and customization such as special angle/radius cuts, sinkholes, and other details are cut out and polished using various tooling and/or by hand. All special details from the field measure are transferred to the fabrication crew and finished accordingly. Edges are laminated, shaped, sanded, and polished by our team of experienced fabricators.

Delivery and Installation (15 business days from Templating) – When you select from our IN-STOCK inventory of colors we guarantee completion of your home or office countertop project from Templating date to installation within 15 business days. The job is loaded onto our truck and delivered to your home or jobsite where our experienced installation crew installs your tops. All our field installers (no sub-contractors) are experts in their field ensuring correct fit of your stone and guarantying 100% satisfaction with the finished product.

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