For Under mount Sinks ‘ A hole will be cut in the slab based on the shape of the sink provided by the client. Anchors will be built in bottom of stone to allow attaching of the sink to the stone. Our installer will mount the sink using our anchors upon installation. In certain circumstances, the sink cabinet may be too small to accommodate the specified sink. Upon client’s request, we may reschedule sink mounting to allow time to have the necessary carpentry work performed. Or our installer may undertake additional work to trim the cabinet to permit sink mounting. This additional work will be billed based on time and material.

For Drop-In Sinks ‘ The cut out for drop-in-sinks may be done in our shop or on site. If done on site, a Dry Shop Vacuum will be used to minimize the dust generated from dry cutting but some amount of residual dust is to be expected.

For Cook Top Cutouts’ In almost all cases, cook top cutouts will be performed in the field. Our installer will perform the cutout and dry fit the cook top to ensure a proper fit. As with the drop-in-sinks, a Dry Shop Vacuum will be used.

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