Granite is the ideal stone for kitchen counter tops. Granite is formed deep in the earth’s mantle at extremely high temperatures, and and it is an exceptionally hard, resistant stone made of crystallized minerals (see stone types). You can actually chop vegetables right on the counter top without damaging the surface, however you may damage your knives as the stone is harder than the knife blades and can dull them. Although typical application of marble is for the bathroom vanity tops, Jacuzzi tops and fireplaces, it is possible to use it in the kitchen. However, due to the fact that it is easy to scratch and is affected by acidic substances, such as vinegars, ketchups etc, we don’t usually recommend it. Moreover the high-gloss of the marble countertop can be partially lost as many chemicals etch its surface. Granite in turn is considered the second hardest stone, its polish is not subject to etching by household acids, or scratching by knives and pots and pans under normal use. It is also not affected by typical kitchen heat such as hot pans.

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