Get the Most Out of Your New Bathroom or Kitchen Design

There are many changes you can make to update and stylize your kitchen, from floor to ceiling. Here are a few things for you to consider, from the high end and pricey, to smaller budget modifications.

  • Cabinets: If your home is smaller, bring the cabinets to the ceiling to add storage. Put seasonal objects, or those not frequently used, at the top. For a simple change, re-facing old cabinets is less expensive for structurally-sound units. A new finish can bring life to bland cabinets
  • Countertops: Natural-feeling materials such as faux stone or wood composite are more aesthetically pleasing than tiled tops. Also, tiled tops provide a tougher cleaning challenge due to grime building up in the ridges. Consider granite, limestone or laminate countertops for an easy and beautiful alternative.
  • Paints: A fresh coat of paint is the easiest and most affordable change that can be made to freshen up any room. Warm, neutral colors go with most décor, while light colors can do wonders in brightening the room and mood, especially if windows are limited.
  • Personality-defining accessories: Warming drawers are great for frequent party-throwers, offering guests buffet styled serving, and giving the host a place to keep food warm while entertaining. Built-in cappuccino and coffee makers give the kitchen a modern look, while preventing countertop clutter. And a French-door wall oven gives the room a unique feel, while allowing easier and safer access to hot food.