Why is Graniterra different? Our People.

Justin Hulke

Justin Hulke

Director of Projects

Graniterra is proud to have Justin Hulke as our Director of Projects.  He has 19 years of experience in the stone industry and has been involved in every aspect of the business ranging from fabrication to installation to templating and measuring.  He also has the unique experience of working in a quartz manufacturing facility where he learned the nuances of producing high quality stone reliably and consistently.  Justin knows exactly what it takes to deliver a quality stone project and that is why we trust him to help fulfill our mission of Superior Service Always.

Why does Justin love working with stone over other materials?

I feel like the end result of most of our jobs/projects in the stone world really are works of art.  As an installer for many years, I left the job with a sense of pride and satisfaction at finishing a quality job that will last a lifetime or longer.

What is Justin's favorite stone project from this entire career?

One job really stands out. I was part of the team to install a machine inside an underground mine in Vermont.  This machine cuts all veteran tombstones for the entire US Military.  As a former soldier, it was very exciting to be part of that project.

What are Justin's other creative outlets?

I have an extensive vinyl collection and DJ as a hobby.  I also enjoy hiking/kayaking/camping and staying in touch with nature.