Considering a Wine Cellar?

Is your wine collection growing?  Do you need a better place than the pantry to store it?  I know I do.  The bottles are standing on end and it’s hard to see what I have.  Besides, my wine deserves better than neighboring the Froot Loops & Cheez-its.  I’m not sure if I’ll go all out & put in a dedicated wine area or if I’ll just get a wine cabinet, nevertheless,  I’ve done a little homework.

-Main purpose of your wine cellar: Will your cellar be used primarily for storage or for entertaining? If to be used for entertaining, obviously more square footage will be required.  Your choice of materials will go beyond basic function and should include some beautiful details & lighting to create atmosphere.

-Your budget: It is important to take your budget into considerationwhen planning.  It will help you prioritize your wish list.  By using various materials and racking techniques, a wine cellar can be tailored to your needs and fit your budget.

-Wine collection size and configuration: Do you have a lot of individual bottles or cases? Cases and bottles of different sizes will affect the bottle capacity and racking configuration for your cellar. Take inventory of what you have and what you plan to purchase .  This will help you choose the type of racking that will maximize your space.

-Available racking materials: Wood is the most popular material used for racking; however, stone and metal are also viable options depending on the space available and décor chosen for the cellar.  Redwood, mahogany and pine are among the three most common wood choices for wine racks. Redwood is the standard choice due to its moisture and mildew resistance. Mahogany is beautiful, durable and resistant to moisture and decay.  Pine is the most economical choice and still does the job.

-Wine cellar cooling systems: Depending on the location and size of your wine cellar, you may need to install a cooling unit. There are three main types of cooling systems: split-systems offer the most flexibility in size and installation options, thru-wall systems are self-contained and do not require a refrigeration technician for installation, and ducted-systems are the best option for an inconspicuous installation.  Sub-zero offers great wine refrigeration in different sizes units if you prefer to keep your wines in a unit & not plan full cooling of the entire room.

-Door requirements: When choosing a wine cellar door, exterior grade is a must in order to keep the temperature and humidity levels consistent. Door accents such as dual-paned glass, iron decorations and various forms of security can also be considered to set the stage for your cellar and protect your collection.

-Materials & Decor: Natural stones help create the old world feeling that most prefer in a wine cellar.  Stone countertops, natural stone detailing & stone floor are just a few ways to incorporate stone into the decor.  My personal favorite, onyx lit from below creates a nice focal point.


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