Corian vs Granite Countertops

In this post, we review the difference between Corian and granite countertops to help you choose the right material for your home.



Corian is a brand of man-made material that was developed by DuPont and is used for countertops, vanity tops, and backsplashes when natural stone is not desired. Corian countertops are often chosen for modern or trendy spaces.

Granite is a naturally quarried stone, with each countertop unique in appearance. Because of its natural aesthetics and durability, granite is the most popular choice for countertops and adds the most value to a home.



Corian, like all solid surface counters, was invented in a laboratory. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate, a material derived from bauxite ore.

Granite is an igneous rock, formed deep in the earth. As magma slowly cools underground it solidifies and forms granite. It is made up of a combination of minerals; mostly feldspar and quartz but it can contain many other trace minerals as well.

The stone is mined from quarries in large blocks. They are then cut into slabs, shaped, and polished to create a finished countertop.



Corian is installed with seaming materials that are matched to the product so that ​the seams aren’t as obvious.

Granite seams aren’t usually obvious, but due to natural color variation seaming does take more skill.


Heat Resistance

Corian is heat resistant and remains undamaged in temperatures up to 212ºF. It is important to minimize direct heat exposure. You should not set any pots or pans from the stove or oven directly on the countertop. To avoid damaging your Corian worktops you should always use a trivet with rubber feet. Also, be cautious with any small appliances that generate heat like crock pots and electric skillets.

Granite is impervious to heat. Any hot pot or pan can be taken right from the stovetop or oven and placed on a granite top.


Scratch Resistance

Corian is fairly easy to scratch. Never cut directly on Corian countertops. Always use a cutting board.

Granite countertops cannot be scratched easily. Not even with kitchen knives. You should generally still use a cutting board, as the stone will dull your knives. Granite is so dense that stone fabricators use special diamond blades and tools to cut & polish it.



Corian countertop will have seams if your countertop is large or has an irregular shape. With some colors, the seam will be virtually invisible but with others, it’s fairly obvious where the seam is. A good fabricator will do a better job of blending seams in and placing them in less conspicuous areas.

Granite countertops have seams if you need more than one slab to cover the length of your cabinets or if you have a long kitchen island. A skilled fabricator will be able to make the installation appear virtually seamless.



Corian- Prices vary depending on where you live. However, with solid surface counters, you do get exactly what you pay for. The cheapest option will almost always be the lowest quality.

Granite – You can find very good quality granite slabs at the bottom end of the price range. Lower price does not indicate inferior quality when it comes to granite. Often the price is dictated by rarity.



Corian is available in a large variety of uniform colors, but is fairly easy to scratch, & can’t withstand high temperatures. It is almost impossible to stain and requires no maintenance unless scratched or scorched.

Granite is hard to scratch, can handle extremely high temperatures & also requires very little maintenance.



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