Granite Countertop Installation

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Granite countertop installation is a labor intensive process which requires exacting measurements and meticulous assembly.

Because of the challenges of working with natural stone, for best results you should have granite countertops installed by a team of experienced experts.

Graniterra’s expert field installers will perform granite countertop installation in St. Louis and the surrounding region.

When you choose granite countertop installation from our team of experts (we never use sub-contractors), your installation is completed to exacting standards, guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction. Call 314.533.3366

Residential and commercial granite installation service

Graniterra is experienced at installing granite countertops and natural stone in both residential home and large commercial projects.

granite countertops
You will get stunning granite countertops and guaranteed satisfaction with residential installation from Graniterra.

Residential – We have installed granite countertops in thousands of homes throughout the St. Louis region. By using Graniterra, you can be assured you will receive superior service and perfect installation on new construction or renovations.


Commercial – When you used Graniterra for natural stone installation for your commercial project, you can be assured of on-time delivery and the highest quality standards.

Graniterra custom stone counters for Budweiser Visitor Center
Graniterra installed custom granite countertops at the Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis.

Our large high-tech fabrication facility allows us to control quality & customize with a short lead time. Our commercial clients include stadiums, restaurants, office buildings, hotels, retail, health facilities and multi-unit apartment buildings.

Clients have included Wells Fargo Bank, Anheuser Busch, P.F. Changs, Macaroni Grill, SSM Healthcare, Planet Fitness and more.

For information on installation services, contact us online or call 314.533.3366

DIY granite countertop installation

Because granite, like most high-quality natural stone, is not cheap to purchase, some homeowners will want to install granite countertops themselves in order to lower costs.

Granite countertops can be challenging to install on your own because of the skill, tools, and equipment required to complete the job. There is no room for error in measurements, and if a granite counter becomes cracked or damaged during installation, there are few options for repair.

We believe that our over 30 years experience fabricating and installing granite countertops makes Graniterra the best option for installation. Our expert installers (we don’t use sub-contractors) will provide you a kitchen counter that has been installed perfectly and we guarantee your satisfaction.

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How to install granite countertops yourself

Order granite countertops – You will need to measure for the granite countertops. Then you will need to choose the granite for your countertops. You will need to find a do-it-yourself granite countertop provider because otherwise, your slab will need to be fabricated, which requires specialized equipment. It is possible to use a circular saw to cut granite if you have the correct attachment.

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Prep the cabinets for granite counters – Cut plywood and install to fit on top of the base cabinets to support the granite. Make sure it does not overhang the outside dimension of the cabinet.

Prepare to install – You’ll need someone to help you with the granite slabs because they can weigh more than 200 pounds. It is not a one person job. The slabs can be cracked, so you need to store and handle them with care.

Cut the plywood sinkhole – You will need to trace an exact line around the opening for the sink onto the plywood counter base.

Join the granite seems – This needs to be done to exacting standards so the seams are not visible.

Glue the granite countertop in place – Lift the granite and put silicone around the perimeter of the cabinets. Place a bead of caulk around the sink rim. Apply a second bead on top of sink rim to waterproof the gap. You will need more than one person to lift the granite.

Glue the seams – Tape over seam with blue masking tape. Fill in the seams with polyester-based resin and a small amount of color to match the color of the granite. Mix with a putty knife. Add the hardener and mix only a workable amount as you only minutes to apply before hardening. Apply a base-coat of neutral color mix into seam. Dab in and smooth as you go. Apply a little lighter color here and there. Apply the darkest color last. As soon as you’re done, pull off the masking tape so it doesn’t dry on the tape. After it has dried for 30 minutes, smooth out with a seam stone.

The DIY granite countertop installation process is explained in depth here. This is for your informational purposes and the page is not written by Graniterra. We recommend using our experienced installation experts so you can be certain your granite countertops are installed perfectly.

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For professional installation, choose Graniterra

Graniterra imports, fabricates and installs granite countertops and natural stone countertops in St. Louis and the surrounding region.

You receive countertop installation from our team of expert field installers (we never use sub-contractors) to exacting standards, guaranteeing your 100% satisfaction.

When you select from our in-stock inventory of granite colors, we guarantee completion of your residential or commercial countertop project from templating date to installation within 15 business days.

We give you over 30 years in the stone business, with the knowledge & experience to deliver a perfect project.

For information on installation services, contact us online or call 314.533.3366

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