Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Graniterra, based in St. Louis, Missouri, is a kitchen, bath, and stone design studio featuring some of the best materials for kitchen countertops including granite, marble, quartz and corian. The design staff at Graniterra are experts in kitchen remodels and pride themselves on staying on top of trends so they can better serve clients.

The latest trend in kitchen remodel seems to be that homeowners are willing and able to spend a bit more, but the styles are not changing much. The hot color is gray, and some designers are calling it “the new beige” or the “new neutral.” The great thing about a gray color scheme is how nearly any top of kitchen countertop easily goes with it and the design possibilities are countless.

Consumers are starting to look more at custom cabinets this year. Glazed cabinets are on the rise and one popular color (not surprisingly!) is gray. Many contractors agree that custom cabinets are worth the time and investment because they add so much value and are something that is used on a daily basis.

While rumors have consistently circulated that stainless steel appliances were losing popularity and on their way out, a survey of contractors found that 70 percent reported stainless is still on top. According to one contractor interviewed, the only time customers were not choosing stainless was when they opted instead for custom-made fronts that matched the kitchen cabinets.

The open-space floor plan is still popular. In addition to that, homeowners are looking for more organization and storage and less clutter. Finding ways to maximize space and is a big preference. This makes sense since the kitchen has really become the heart of the home. We are cooking meals, eating meals, doing homework, and entertaining friends there. An open, decluttered kitchen supports this lifestyle.

Another popular trend seems to be replacing the kitchen or dining room table with a single dining space where bar stools or counter chairs surround either an island or connected table.

Metal and stone (both natural and man made) surfaces are common kitchen countertop choices for 2015. Customers choosing man made countertops are experimenting with more textures and finishes, including velvet, suede, brushed and leathered according to Westchester Magazine. Butcher blocks as part of the kitchen countertop remain popular and some customers are opting for all-wood countertops with a stain proof and waterproof oil finish.

If you’re interested in remodeling your kitchen Graniterra offers a variety of kitchen countertop options. Call us at 314.533.3366 or visit our design studio today so we can help you make your dream kitchen a reality.

Kitchen Remodeling Trends was last modified: July 15th, 2015 by Graniterra