Oh How Things Have Changed! Online Resources for Your Remodeling Projects

Wow, have things changed in the last 5 years.  Being a design junkie,  I have loads of folders with hundreds of tear outs.  Any beautiful design photo I came upon, I had to rip it out and save it.  I can’t even say I restrained myself  in our dentist’s waiting room.  But that’s our secret.   Even if I knew I’d never build an outdoor shower or put in a slide next to my staircase- I just couldn’t help myself.  Well guess what?  I don’t do that anymore.  I don’t have to.  With sites like Houzz and Pintrest you can save your files online.  Not only does it take up less space and make organizing your files easier,  you can search for exactly what you’re interested in.  Redoing your bath & looking for tile ideas-Morroccan ideas?  No problem. Search and you will find.  Now, need plumbing fixtures to complement those tiles?  You can search for that too. Whatever you need-it’s right there.  Even when I have my “Graniterra hat” on I can reference style ideas with clients.  We can also show what we do best here at Graniterra and give inspiration to those locally or internationally.  Whether they plan to use us for a project or just use our inspiration, it’s great to be able to trade ideas & inspiration.

contemporary bath offers 5 star luxury

When I move to my house with a view of the mountains…

My courtyard…when I have a house with a courtyard.



Am I bold enough to go green on the ceiling?  Probably not but I’m certainly inspired!

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