I was recently interviewed for a newspaper article on new bath trends.  As I thought about trends I realized, unless you are decorating with paint, towels & accessories, “trends” is not really what’s important to a typical homeowner approaching a bath renovation or building new.  If you are putting thousands of dollars into a new bathroom, who wants trendy?  I think it’s how products & spaces evolve to better accommodate our lives.  For example bathrooms, just like houses, are now being built or remodeled using a much bigger footprint.  Due to our busy lives we all need the bathroom at the same time, so toilets are often in their own separate space, many times with a door for privacy.  Heated floors are another thing that is becoming more & more common.  Having an ice cold floor in the middle of winter can easily be avoided by adding in-floor heating before installing tile floors. Many people are foregoing the tub to make way or a larger shower with many spray heads. A few love their tubs but a majority come to the conclusion that a tub never gets used, so why not use the space for something you use daily?  More storage, His and Hers vanities, heated towel racks are among a few other requests we often get.   I can tell you the His and Hers vanity is not a “trend” that will go away. That is an example of a brilliant evolution in the bathroom.  And I right?

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