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Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2017

kitchenIs 2017 the year that you remodel your kitchen? Or are you thinking about doing some upgrades or renovations to your kitchen? Even if you’re not doing a full remodel, a few changes can make a big difference.

If you’re thinking about or planning your kitchen rehab, then it’s good to know what the current trends are. You always want to have a kitchen that you love and works for you, no matter what the current trends are.

But you also might want to check what trends are on the rise and what is on the way out. You wouldn’t want to feel like your kitchen is out of date in just a couple years. You also may know that you’ll be selling your home somewhere down the line and don’t want a trend that will be unpopular when you do.

Sometimes beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though. Even amongst the experts, there is disagreement about what’s in and what’s out. In the end, pick out what works for you.

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Let’s look at some of the kitchen trends for 2017 that designers, decorators, rehabbers, and realtors say are popular in 2017.

Black and white color palettes

Each of these colors have been popular for a couple of years and continue to be. 2017 is seeing the trend of black countertops combined with white cabinetry being extremely popular. It’s a clean look that is modern and yet can still fit into a “country style” kitchen as well.

quartz countertopsQuartz countertops continue to gain in popularity

Granite countertops have been the top choice for countertops for years now, and they still are. But quartz countertops are becoming extremely popular. In their annual kitchen trends report, Houzz found that granite countertops had seen a 40% increase in the number of renovated kitchens they were being installed in. That’s a huge gain and will last longer than just 2017. The popularity of quartz was one trend that most decorators seemed to agree on.

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Match the kitchen style to your home

It only makes sense that with open kitchens being very popular for the past decade that the kitchen is no longer seen as an area separate from the rest of the house. From colors to fixtures, knick-knacks and overall style, homeowners everywhere are making their kitchen just as stylish as the rest of their home.

Wood paneling/Shiplap

This trend has been growing since being popularized by Joanna Gaines on the show Fixer Upper. This trend had some polarizing opinions from designers. Some said it was already “over” as a trend, while others were still recommending it. It’s not an expensive renovation but you may wish to be cautious on this trend as it could look dated in just a few years.

Hidden appliances and storage

These have become popular customizations when homeowners do remodeling or upgrades. Hidden drawer garbage and recycling bins, and cookie sheet/ baking pan organizers are among the most popular updates for hidden kitchen compartments.

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marble tile kitchen backsplashBacksplashes

Even without getting new countertops, a new kitchen backsplash can transform your kitchen, especially when combined with a fresh color in the rest of your kitchen. Mable tiles and tumbled marble tiles are very popular in 2017. Another emerging trend is tiles that go above the space between the sink and cabinets, even going as high as the ceiling.


Home automation is growing in popularity in all areas of the home as the technology has continued to advance. In the kitchen, this has led to motion sensor lighting and hands-free or touch-activated faucets becoming popular.

LED Lighting

The price of LED lighting is coming down and its popularity is growing. Among the reason for their popularity include the variety of colors, low heat emission, and energy efficiency.

stainless steel appliancesStainless steel appliances

They’ve been popular for years now and will continue to be in 2017. Some say that the style is ready to wane, but ask anyone at an appliance store or your local realtor and you’ll find it’s still extremely popular. The 2017 People Magazine trends poll found that 72% of homeowners still preferred stainless steel.

Fresh paint

It may not be a real trend but a fresh coat of paint is always guaranteed to give your kitchen an upgrade. It remains the most popular change homeowners make to their kitchen and it won’t break the budget either.

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