Types of Granite Countertops

Three Types of Granite Countertops

When you are choosing a material for a renovation or new project, granite countertops are a fantastic choice for your kitchen, bathroom or recreation room bar.

Granite is extremely durable, able to withstand hot pans or spilled drinks. You can even get rid of your cutting board and cut directly onto its surface without damaging it.

When most people think of granite counters, they will think of slab granite. That is not the only type of granite available for counters though.

We’ll explain the differences between slab granite, tiled granite, and modular granite.

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Slab Granite

Slab granite is widely accepted as one of the most elegant countertop materials available. It is the type of granite countertop most people think of when they hear the name.

Slab granite countertops are fabricated in a factory or workshop so that they can be custom fitted into your home. Because it is extremely heavy and challenging to work with, it is recommended you have it installed by a trained professional.

Slab granite is often seamless or nearly seamless.

It is the most expensive type of granite counter you can install in your home. Because of its weight and cost it is definitely worth having a professional install it to keep it from being cracked.

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granite kitchen countertopsTiled Granite

Tiled granite counters are created by placing granite tiles edge to edge and securing them with epoxy in order to create the solid countertop.

Tiled granite countertops are more affordable than solid slab granite counters.  They are also comparatively do-it-yourself friendly.

The tiled granite counters when done right will look very high-quality. This can give you a refined look in your kitchen at a lower cost.  The downside can be that they are more difficult to clean because of the seams.

Although tiled granite counters are more affordable than slab counters, they are still more expensive than other tiled countertop materials. Because of this many home owners will spend the extra money to upgrade from tiled to slab granite.

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Natural white Rockville graniteModular Granite

Modular granite countertops are built from pre-cut pieces of granite. It is available in standard counter sizes and shapes, so this can be a good option if you have a conventional kitchen. It does not work as well if you have a custom kitchen although you can sometimes make it work.

This is a very good DIY option for home renovators with standard kitchen sizes. Your biggest concern will be putting the pieces together to achieve a seamless appearance.

Modular granite is a good mid-range price option that you may be able to install yourself.

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