How to Pick Granite Color for Countertops

granite countertopsGranite countertops are a popular choice for countertops because of its strength, durability and color options.

With so many options from ranging from dark black to shining white, how do you choose what color countertops are right for your home?

Coordinate countertop colors with cabinets

Your biggest priority when selecting a granite color for your countertops is to find a color that successfully complements your cabinet color.

You want to choose a granite color that contrasts with your cabinets. Instead of choosing cabinets and counters that match, choose colors that contrast each other. If both your cabinets and counters are the exact same color, it can create too big of a mass of a single color in your kitchen.

Color options for good contrast

  • You can select a granite with a completely different color but has natural veins and accents that match the hues of the cabinet color.
  • You can select a granite that is the same color as the cabinets but with darker veins and accents.

When to choose white countertops

  • When you want a classic and timeless kitchen design.
  • When you have a small kitchen it helps the room feel open and airy.
  • If your kitchen has dark cabinets, white countertops will keep the room from feeling stuffy.
  • White countertops are a good choice when paired with cherry wood cabinets. They create a striking contrast or used in a small kitchen space to create a more open environment.
  • You can pair white countertops with white cabinets if the granite has very dark accents to create an interesting contrast and “French country” feel.

City ChicWhen to choose dark countertops

  • When you want a contemporary kitchen look.
  • When you have white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.
  • If you have bold and bright accent colors in your kitchen
  • You have room with large windows and bright sunlight

These are some of our suggestions for choosing your granite countertop color.

We’re happy to work with you to help choose the perfect countertop material and color for your project.

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