Countertop Comparison

There are many decisions when it comes to building or remodeling a kitchen and one of the most important is the countertop material. We’ve compiled a chart that details the pros and cons of each type of countertop we offer at Graniterra. Three stars mean it performs high in the category, two stars means it performs fairly, one star means it performs poorly.


Each of these counter comparison categories has their own pros and cons as explained below. Some people are willing to overlook one category for the sake of another. In the end, the decision is yours alone, but this comparison chart can help guide you.


Durability determines how susceptible the material is to scratches, dents, breaking, or chipping. In the kitchen, it is advised to always use cutting boards and avoid utensils scratching counter surfaces, which can alleviate the need to find a hearty counter.

Low Maintenance

Some counter materials are porous and need to be sealed yearly or use special cleaning agents, making them higher maintenance. Products that do not require regular sealing or oiling score well in this category.

Heat Resistant

Heat resistance is important in the kitchen or bathroom because these are areas of the home in which we use heat frequently. If the countertop material will become burned or melt with heat from hot pans and dishes, or heated hair tools, it does not score well in this category. This can be avoided by using pot holders and cooling racks, but some people prefer the convenience of placing their hot items directly on counter surfaces.

Non Porous

Materials that are porous stain easily since they absorb easily. It should be noted that most porous materials can be sealed to protect the surface and resist staining. Countertop sealant needs to be applied frequently in the kitchen area, once a year or a little less depending on the material. This should be applied professionally for some materials, otherwise your finish will not be as effective at protecting.


In this category we determine if the material will be cost effective per foot. Sometimes you get what you pay for, though (as most marble & granite counter owners will tell you – the material is worth the expense for the beauty).


Although this category is a little objective, products with 3 stars have more uniqueness, richness, warmth, and depth to them. Any material can be three stars in your book, though!

Countertop Comparison was last modified: November 22nd, 2016 by Graniterra